Thursday, December 5, 2013

Finding God

A lot of my friends are going to raise an eyebrow about the title of this post. The internet is full of bad things such as trolls, twerks and online bullies. It can be a scary place. This is the story of one of the good things that can restore your faith in humanity. Recently I found a page on Facebook simply titled God. The top of the page lists God as a comedian. That makes sense. I long suspected the Almighty had a sense of humor ever since I saw a picture of a platypus.
One point one million people have liked this page so far. The photos and memes always bring a smile to my face. They make me laugh, think and shake my head... some times all at once.
It goes without saying there are a fair number of offended religious zealots who aren't afraid to spill their bile demanding the owners of the page to take it down. This has about as much effect as you would expect, with the exception that God not only responds to them, he forgives them for their sins.
This is one such example. Sorry if the text is too small to make out. Basically, this person started Heckling God and dared him to guess her middle name and first love. God answered her correctly. By the end of the post, she professes her love for God.

Then there's stuff like this:
But I'm going to get off of the offended jerks. Turning a spotlight on them only makes them want more attention.

Facebook God 
That right there sums it up for me: No hate.
About once a week God holds smite day. We lowly mortals nominate a person who deserves to be smited. This week it was Rush Limbaugh who got smited.
The winner of SMITE DAY is Rush Limbaugh.

He's been attacking the Pope and called him a 'marxist.' NOBODY insults Pope Frank, not on My Watch!

I shall have Rush visited by 3 spirits in the night. They shall terrify and amaze him! He will quickly learn the true meaning of Christmas. When it's all over, Rush will do something he's never done before - give away food! To the poor. HAHA! This will make him a better person! 

The hate filled messages have tapered off in the last few months. Instead we are seeing a serious, caring side to God.

Personally, it's a wonderful thing that he responds to each post. What is more amazing is that the hate has been replaced by people telling their stories and reaching out to one another. Strangers helping one another through tough times.
God himself isn't immune to difficulties. A post a few weeks ago informed us there would be no posts or updates for a week owing to the fact his mom died. The outpouring of support that followed amazed me.
There is another blogger who should get mentioned here. He gave me the idea for this post and tells the story in a bit more detail than I do. Here's his link

Does this post mean I think God is real? Don't be silly, of course not. At risk of antagonizing people, let me rephrase that. I don't believe your God is real. The potential to be a good person, help another who can do nothing for you, perform great deeds for the benefit of others without thought for yourself... Does that make you God-like? Maybe, maybe not... but it does make you a better quality person. Instead of 'God', I should go with the term superior being. There is a potential inside of all of us to not be God-like or saintly, just a better human being. That alone is worth striving for.

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