Sunday, September 15, 2013

taking the plunge

Recently an almost complete microbrewery kit came into my possession. The only thing I need to start this off is a stainless steel cooking pot, and I have a few leads on where to get one of those. In addition to that I have nearly two cases of mead that the previous owner made. I've read the books and learned there are a lot of things I need to know. It's one of those 'learn by doing' experiences. Signing up for a class in microbrewing was simple enough. Today I got to watch them make some pumpkin beer for Oktoberfest. The class ran a little longer than anyone expected. My wife and kids had to be picked up from a church sponsored BBQ, so I left the class a little early to pick them up. From what I could piece together, microbrewing is an extension of cooking. Following a recipe and once you've practised enough, create something on your own with a unique flavor.
Right now all our money is tied up in other things, but I may get the chance to do something later on down the line. When my English family members  come for a visit, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to serve them a glass of chilled honey wine or an ale worthy of their tastebuds.


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