Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday busy Sunday

Tomorrow may be Labor day, but I have to join the real world. Schools will be closed, So will the banks. Not Lowe's or most of the retail stores.
My kids are sleeping in, the wife has errands to run. Work resumes for me after a pretty exciting weekend. Going back to my Clark Kent job is feeling more and more like a let down. All this great stuff is happening and my life is moving forward. This feels right. Simply put: my job is interfering with my life.
When talking to Howard Taylor, I framed it in his terms. He was working in the IT field (what he did for a living.) and made the leap to writing and drawing web comics. (what he's doing for a life.)
The look in his eyes told me he understood exactly where I was coming from. Perhaps it's wishful thinking on my part, but the unspoken words were, 'good luck buddy.'
Today was my last appearance at the con. There was one more thing on my to do list: Joshua Blimes and the Jaberwocky agency. If his agency didn't do speculative fiction or alternate history, I wouldn't have thought it was a good match. The fact that I got into the coffee klatch was something short of amazing. The underlying feeling was they didn't want to say no to anybody.
There was a good Q & A session and afterwards I had a chance to give him my card and let him know I submitted my query to his assistant. He wrote my name down. All in all I thought things went well. He got to see that, 'Here's a guy who's taking this seriously.' In the mean time, back to doing what I was doing, writing and working. Working and writing.
A lot of people were in attendance today. Here, let me show you what I mean.
The entrance

Behind the iron throne

See the difference?

This is what a book signing looks like

This is the line for a book signing

It's a big line

The dealers area was rocking

A good time was had by all
 Steve Jackson came up and lent us a hand at the Chaos machine. No, I didn't take pictures of that. Just as I didn't take pictures of any of the other guests I talked about. The reason for that is I wanted to treat them as human beings.
Before they became famous, they were ordinary people.

Wil Wheaton said it best: It's not about what you love, it's how you love it.

Three o'clock rolled around and I had to cut out. Real life was calling. I did forget my battery recharger, but with the help of my faithful sidekick, we got it back just in time to take kids back to their respective parents and I collected a microbrewery kit. There is a bit of reading I have to do, but I'm looking at four cases of mead sitting in my living room with all the stuff to make gallons of beer, wine and mead in the garage. This may or may not turn into a new hobby. I'm going to read up on it, figure out the cost to make this, and see if I'm actually any good at it. If not, I can still pass it on to somebody else. Who knows? When I told my friends, they were thinking: 'Party at Bill's house.' Little do they know I'd rope them in to helping brew the stuff. I'm told it's a two or three person job. Well, let's see how things turn out.

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