Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Goes without saying

My daughters are the joy that makes life worthwhile. Admittedly, I was a tad jealous when my first child was born. My world revolved around my wife and I at that time. I hate to admit it but, I resented the intrusion. For the small amount of food she ate, her body multiplied it ten fold as it came out the other end. She cried, she kept me from sleeping. She occupied all the attention of my wife. Privacy was non-existent. At the time I felt angry and resentful, that I was being pushed to the side. Then I read about Sudden Infant Death syndrome. She pissed and crapped and didn't do nothing, I reasoned. What if I just held my hand over her mouth and smothered the little brat? 
Looking selfishly at this intrusion into my life, I was almost willing to send her back to whatever dark place spawned this hell child.
Then something amazing happened. As I brought my hand up to cut off her wind pipe, she looked up at me with those cute puppy dog eyes and cooed. All thoughts of malice went out the door. A sudden realization hit me: here was a living, breathing soul I brought into the world and I was being a self-centered asshole. At that point, I stopped living and thinking for myself. From that point on, I started living for my children. That day I learned more about love and the ability to care. You get out of life what you put into it, and I'd forgotten that. So I spent time with my daughter, we celebrated victories and milestones. Held her when she cried, comforted her when she felt sick.
Immortality isn't found in a bottle, pill or surgery. If you want to be immortal, raise your kids in a way that brings honor and integrity to everyone's life. 
On the first day of school, my oldest decides to hop over a ditch in order to get to class. Like the graceful swan, she rolls her ankle and goes strait to the nurses office. From there she is sent home. Didn't even make it to her first class. With her ankle swollen reminiscent of a tree trunk (With big purple bruises.) she had to go home. The wife took her to the doctor and confirmed what we already knew: no breaks or fractures, just very badly sprained.
"She's your daughter." the wife quips. Oh, so now I get the blame. Seriously, I didn't think I was that bad. 
After the injury, before the bruising
Bruising and swelling, what a pair

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