Friday, September 27, 2013

On the fly

Starting this post a little early. AT&T and I are having a disagreement over internet access. What I might end up doing is heading down to the library to use the free wi-fi there. In trying to keep the bad news out of this blog, I sometimes end up doing more harm to myself than intended.
So the internet is down pending I send them money. Unfortunately I'm sending every penny I have to the mortgage company in order to keep the roof over my head.
Things are tighter than I've ever seen them, and that's saying something. A day late and a dollar short is how the saying goes. Trying to keep my head up, but the vultures are picking at my carcass. I'll feel better when I have my brush with the law behind me.
At the beginning of the summer I got caught in a speed trap. I paid the ticket and promised to take defensive driving, which I did. I don't have the money to get a copy of my driving record, to present to the court. I should have just paid the full amount of the ticket and be done with it... Oh, wait. I couldn't afford that at the time either. The way I'm going now, I will end up paying more money for the ticket. The only thing this has taught me is to take a different way to work.
The last time I got a ticket was over ten years ago. There is a little town called Windcrest inside the city of San Antonio. We've literally sprawled over incorporated hamlets and towns as the city grows. Anyway, Windcrest has a 20 mile and hour speed limit throughout its limits. Unfortunately that border is right along I-35. My intention was to get on the access road. Eventually getting onto the highway. As I left Home Depot, those sirens and lights came up from behind me. I paid the fine. The only thing that taught me is not to spend my money over there. There are plenty of places that will accept my meager paycheck.
Fast forward to present day. As I was going to work along with the other early risers, Officer friendly nabbed the last one in the pack of travelers, namely me. All this has taught me is to take a different way to work.

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