Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hill Country winery tour part two

Creating a beverage or meal is a creative process that speaks to a very select few individuals.
Chefs can and do become world famous for their expertise. The Japanese have elevated meals to a beautiful art form. The aesthetics are truly inspiring.
Not a lot of people think about the process it takes to produce wine. I'm going to tell you in pictures and words about my weekend jaunt through central Texas.
Our first stop was a place called Pedernales Cellars. The winery is located in Stonewall, Texas. That's about an hour away from Austin and about 15 minutes away from Fredricksburg.
I'd like to take a moment here to clarify something. Texans measure distance in hours, not miles. This may seem weird, I know. In miles, it is a little over 65 miles west of Austin. But like that Northern saying goes: you can't get there from here. It's not a straight shot. Be thankful you have a map on your phone or an app to help you find your way around. Paper maps might have become a thing of the past, but just try and imagine finding your way around without your phone. Scary thought, huh?
The second place we visited is called Lewis Wines located on 'wine' road 290 in Johnson City. That's near Fredricksburg... Some of you have no idea where I'm talking about. 'Sigh', here goes... Find a picture of Texas. Now point to the middle of the state. Imagine you're trying to find the balance point. If you were to take Texas and put it up on a huge triangle the places I'm talking about would be right where that top point would be. Got that? Good.
We then stopped for lunch in Wye, Texas, because why not? Sorry, couldn't resist. Lot of wine and local craft beers made and sold there. It's a small town and I'm not sure it's incorporated as a town. My Google-fu has failed me. However, I had a great rueben and a craft ale to wash it down with. Awesome and worth the time to investigate.
Our final stop was the Becker Vineyards near Fredricksburg. They could hold a wedding and reception out there. A gorgeous farm where they produce lavender alongside the wines. Ah, to sit in a chair on the back porch. An overhead fan gently blows a breeze of sweet herbs and fruit. You sip your wine as you gaze out over the long fields of grape vines. This whole week could have made me a fan of red wines. Indeed my appreciation for them grew with each new place I discovered. 

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