Wednesday, June 17, 2015

weekend marriage

One of the relatives got married this last weekend. Normally I'd post about it as soon as I got home, but my computer had other ideas. So I'm starting it now and no telling how far I'll get.
First off, Ken and Samantha make a cute couple. I've known Ken since he was a little kid. Last year his brother got married in a marina near Johnson Space Center. This time it was farther inland.
The two of them got married in a vineyard. Bernhardt winery to be exact, in Navasota, which is a little northwest of Houston.
The happy couple like board games and that was the theme of the wedding. For instance, we sat at the Skip-Bo table.
So much easier than little name tags and placards

We are experiencing rain from a tropical storm that made landfall yesterday. Also, my network adapter card is behaving erratically. Please bear with me and I apologize about the lack of posts,  both from earlier in the week and next week as well.
Looks like I'll be getting a new network adapter soon.
On with the pictures then.

Love the wedding figurines

Every table had a Lego heart

Super Jenga!

I want these dice

The ring bearer in all his glory

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