Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Not healthy enough

This morning I thought perhaps I could go to work, then I tried to move. Sure, there wasn't as much coughing and I actually could breathe through the night. By habit I woke up at 5 AM and walked to the kitchen and back. It took a bit more energy than I thought. What little fuel reserves I had would be gone before I actually got moving. Not wanting to collapse at work, I called in again. Even now I feel drained. There's a nap in my future. For the past three days I've been tossing back NyQuil like it was fruit juice. My mind says to move my ass and get my crap together. The body does not agree. Unfortunately, body overrules mind at the moment.
What to do while the body heals? For starters I caught up on some reading. That's a vicious cycle because a lot of my favorite authors are coming out with their latest novels in the next week or two.
As I sit typing the wife coughs and clears her throat. Unfortunately, she is about to go through what I am getting rid of, I wish it were otherwise. Of course I passed this cold on as she laid by my side for several days now. My daughters haven't come out of their bedrooms yet. While it is summer, I can't have them sleeping all day.
This was not intended to be a pity post. I don't believe in whitewashing things. the Texas summer is upon us and while there will be fun, there is also going to be some rain on the picnic, as they say.
We'll take it in stride.
No word from my editor about the chapter I sent her. That can be good or bad. She knows it's coming. I sent it a week ago. (Maybe more than a week, the mind is playing time warp on me.) There are a few things I'm expecting in the mail later this week, surprises for the upcoming vacation. No spoilers from me. You'll have to wait and see.

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