Friday, June 12, 2015

New tricks, old obstacles

Starting to feel back to normal. There's still the occasional cough to remind me not to over exert myself. That said, we're driving to Houston for a wedding this weekend. Oh joy!
That reminds me, Father's day cards. Sent the international card yesterday. Tomorrow I'll put the other one in the mailbox before we leave.
All our bills are paid off for June, hurrah! We can have a week or two before July's bills arrive. A whole week!
Some times we have to appreciate the little things life brings us.
I'm figuring out day-to-day problems and people are coming to me for help with theirs. Right before leaving work, three people sought me out. They needed help with putting a garage door away, but didn't know how to operate the device that would allow them to secure it before putting it up.
A co-worker remarked that she and I might live in the same neighborhood. Turns out we live a few miles apart. Small world.

I'm reading about the stuff trickling out of the New Horizons website. We're getting some tantalizing pictures and the next month only promises more. There was an interesting blog post I read the other day from Mark Showalter.
The post isn't that long and the visuals really put things in perspective for me. Pluto isn't quite a planet. More along the lines of a collection of rocks that haven't quite gotten their act together. If they did crash into one another, possibly combining into a larger whole, then we can bring up the; 'Is it a planet?,' debate.
As it is, the Pluto system is fascinating all unto itself. These proto-planets are a reminder that life on earth isn't that bad. I would get spacesick the way the moons twist about in orbit trying to establish dominance. Call me old fashioned, but I like my sun to rise in the east from the same general direction. (with Earth's axis taken into account.) 

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