Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Weighing in

'Write what you know about.' That sentence seems simple enough. Take what you have learned or experienced and apply it to paper or the digital light of the computer screen.
A long time ago, I wrote in about same sex marriage. While it is a subject that I have no personal knowledge of, I can handle the thought process as an abstract. It's a no-brainer for me. Give everyone the same rights I enjoy. 
Last weeks Supreme Court decision made many people (including myself) overjoyed. Many people were also bitterly disappointed. Governors, Attorney Generals and Court Clerks were all about 'religious freedom' and the right to discriminate. Yes, I'm looking at you, Greg Abbott. I am ashamed of the politicians in Austin, much like a parent is ashamed when their toddler throws a temper tantrum in the grocery store.
A reminder to the not-so-civil servants holding down a taxpayer funded job. You work for all the people and are there to uphold the law, not to instill your personal beliefs and dictate your private agenda.
Let's see what happened in the week that followed the SCOTUS decision.
A  renounced his citizenship. (The joke is on him. Many countries recognize same-sex marriage.) 
People protested this was the end of the world. (No, it's not.)
Oh yeah, and a bunch of people got married.

Here's what hasn't changed:
My coffee tastes the same.
My wife looks more beautiful than ever, but that's a biased opinion.
My job stayed the same.
My kids are doing the normal stuff kids do on summer break.

A lot of the same arguments used today were once used many years ago against inter-racial marriage. 'Those negros and white folk can't marry,' the said. 'It will lead to bestiality and people wanting to marry their toasters.'

Ah... Nope.

I have friends of all colors, shapes and backgrounds. It doesn't matter to me. I'm not so petty that I can't see past a persons skin. I'm certainly not so prejudiced that I forget one of the first rules I learned from Mr. Red Skelton: I won't ask for any rights if they take away some of yours. My rights end where yours begin.

The pundits out there who are spewing this garbage are missing the point.
If you are single or married: this law doesn't apply to you.
If you are straight: this law doesn't apply to you.
If you are Christian: this law doesn't apply to you.

Notice how the loudest dissenters are Christian. I haven't heard from the mainstream Muslim, Jewish, or Buddhist communities about any protests.
Yesterday my daughter went to a Pride festival/celebration/parade, (I've heard all three terms being used.) When I asked her what she did she replied; "I recorded a mass wedding."
The rest of it is unimportant. She had a good time, was with friends and was home in plenty of time for dinner and a fourth of July fireworks show.

I don't do fear.

That's not ego or bragging. Fox news trying to instill fear about the 'gay agenda' makes me laugh. It's ridiculous. There is a meme floating around Facebook about the alleged gay agenda. It goes something like; 'When was the last time a couple of gays came up to your door and asked if you had heard the good news about Elton John?'

If you are going to be spouting hate and bigotry, you deserve to be mocked.

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