Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The past comes up

By and large, I ignore reality shows. They are amusing for about five minutes... maybe. My life is interesting enough, thank you very much. In my mind the equation goes like this: People who watch reality shows are trying to live through those of us who do have a life.
My kids watch The Voice, I go into the next room to read or type a blog entry. Problem solved.
The other night my daughter comes in saying; 'You've got to see this.' She drags me in front of the TV.
One of the contestants, Amanda Brown, was singing Dream On, by Aerosmith. The girl looked like she was really into it. As the lyrics scrolled by on the bottom of the screen, I felt the eyes getting moist. In my mind I heard Steven Tyler belting out the tune, but here was this drop dead gorgeous girl giving a stellar performance.
I don't know what she did differently, but she did all the right things. The thought occurred to me; 'I hope Steven Tyler is watching this.'
The past is gone. Here was another reminder of my old life. I'll never know how well Mrs. Brown sings. The only way to tell will be by the audience reactions. After a point, it's all personal opinion and taste.
Truly I wish her well.
As I make my way in this life, I try not to dwell on the other life so long ago. Everything past a certain point is behind a veil. There's a definite break between the old and new me. All the stuff I remember might as well have been another person. In one respect, I was watching a reality show for the first thirty years of my life. A turn of the head, a glance in another direction and a new person walks away. I'm not better or worse than the other guy, just different.

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