Monday, May 4, 2015

Posting an afterward

Now that the dust has settled, I'd like to point out something that came to my attention last night.
Tim Duncan and Chris Paul go way back.
I can't find the exact website I saw yesterday, but I got a transcript of what was said between the two.
We all support our home teams, but what we have to remember is that a lot of these guys are friends. The rivalry only exists in the imagination of the fans.
Sure I wanted the Spurs to win the championship. We all want to see our favorite team do good. It validates our investment in them.
Despite beating us (it was a great game.), one has to respect the Clippers for giving a class act performance.
Their coach, Doc Rivers, once played for the Spurs. It appears he learned his lessons well from his former coach. The student succeeding the master and all that...
And just for the record: I don't believe that was the last we're going to see from Tim Duncan.
We'll get the ring next year guys.

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