Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Back to normal?

It's now been two days since we got back to town. Forty-eight hours. I'm almost caught up on the sleep I'd missed over the weekend. In a few minutes I'm going to get the wife and head to bed.
All my family is under one roof again. Musketeer number one cooked dinner. The fact that it's gone is testament to her culinary skills. I've got to start planning for Memorial Day. The grill needs a serious cleaning before I put anything on it.
Every year, we have a 'You bring it, I'll grill it.' sort of holiday.
Musketeer number two casually remarked with teenage snark, that I needed to talk about different things.
Despite my wife's belief that I have a one track mind, a lot of things actually get my attention. Now holding that attention is a different thing.
I am a self confessed Nerd and Geek. Proud to bear the title and scoffing when people don't get a Monty Python reference. One of my proudest achievements on my parenting resume is that my daughters are all things geeky and nerdy. A recent peek at their iPod audio tracks has sci-fi drinking songs next to Iggy Azeala.
Wanting to know what my daughters listen to even though I can't hear what's going on is a tricky business.
With that intro, I present the Doubleclicks.
Two sisters, Angela and Aubrey Webber, write some pretty fun stuff. Okay, I'm reading the titles of the songs. Spock impersonator? Internet National Anthem? Worst superpower ever?
Just perusing their web page I gathered some interesting observations.
The girls are very intelligent and highly creative. They are doing this without a major label backing them. The Doubleclicks are geek girls and proud of it. I think they're awesome.
I'll just leave you with this.
They're great role models for my girls. I found out they're playing up in Austin at Dragons lair tomorrow and I'm seriously trying to figure out how to get the girls up there.

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