Friday, February 22, 2013

Summer is filling up

Next week is jury duty for me. I don't know if I'm going to try and get out of it or not. I made it through the selection process a few years back, only to be excused by the defense lawyer when he found out I read lips. Seems every year or so, I get that little card in the mail, telling me to come down to the courthouse and do my civic duty. If I do it, will you leave me the crap alone for the next five years? Ten years would be great, but I know you can't do that, so I'm willing to settle for half.
Two weeks until vacation.
Chimeracon is the first week of April. I have some of the props finished. I have to get them over to my paint crew.
My sister is getting married on the fourth of July. 
Never a dull moment.
I love my sister to death, but she has had bad luck with men. One can hope for better.
Anyway you look at it, I'm going to be a very busy camper over the next three to six months.
Why the fourth, Sis? It falls in the middle of the week. Couldn't you do it on the weekend? In retail, getting off for the fourth of July is a little like having a root canal done without Novocaine.
I dread the conversation I'm going to have with my boss. I think I'll bring the invitation along with me so he knows I'm not bullshitting him.
It's my theory that working in retail carries an assumption: that you have no life. Trying to have a life outside of a big box store is tantamount to sacrilege. The shocked faces. The gasps of surprise. The horrible realization that you want something more out of life than a 30 % margin and minimum wage. Hard work and minimum wage gets you... minimum wage. Some people think you should have a job, sit on your ass and collect your paycheck. Let the company take care of you. Got news for you: It's not their job to baby sit you. By all means, work for them. Do something else outside of work such as a hobby or an education. The hard work you put into the degree or in my case, writing a book, will one day pay off. Then you can take all the fourth of Julys off you want.

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