Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Start your engines

Our tax refund came in, and you know what that means. We paid some major bills! My only credit card. Paid! All utilities caught up. House payments...
Bank of America has graciously (?) turned our mortgage over to Nationstar Mortgage. We have yet to figure out if this is going to be a positive thing or not, because we can't log in to give them any frigging money! Carol is going to call them tomorrow and straighten this out. BoA was notoriously unhelpful to us. We tried to refinance. No. We attempted to lower our 6% interest rate. Not going to happen. We went through the whole frigging dance with HUD and they turned us down. We didn't get all our paper work to them in time. When you hear the news about a Texan homeowner choking the crap out of a banker, you'll understand.
So now that our mortgage is no longer with BoA, the question remains: what reason do I have for doing business with them? Carol and the kids already have an account with the local credit union. There's no reason I shouldn't close things out and switch over. To quote Dan Savage: DTMFA. Ditch the mother fuckers already.
When dealing with the BoA, I lost sleep. Most of our problems occurred because they want to talk to me and I can't talk on a phone. It's that hearing thing guys... I told them my wife is authorized to speak for me, but they don't seem to get the message.
So tomorrow we're going to call Nationstar and get this straightened out... I hope.

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