Thursday, April 9, 2015

Time off for good behavior

So far this week has been like the Chinese curse, 'May you live in interesting times.' 
Holy crap on a cracker, I didn't ask for this. My department manager had a hernia operation. He was out for two weeks, but got so restless he came back to work a bit sooner than he should have. He's hobbling around on a cane I lent him. Needless to say he can't lift anything. During my day I can witness him getting in and out of the forklift with a painful grimace on his face. To sum it up, his ego is writing checks his body can't cash.
In the same week, a refrigerator fell on the assistant manager, don't ask me how, I wasn't there when it happened. Bruises stretching the length of her arms and torso. She can't lift her arms or do much either.
Then two of the receivers got into a shouting match. One got transferred to pro services and the other is no longer with Lowe's.
So guess who that leaves to handle stuff?
Tuesday I worked straight through with no lunch. The manager had a case of guilty conscience and bought me Sonic while I was handling trucks. Seriously, I had four trucks waiting to unload like a conga line. That was until about 2 PM. The remainder of the day was processing all the paperwork and inventory on those trucks. That was on top of the local traffic and Fed Ex/UPS.
Wednesday: wash, rinse, repeat. Today looks like more of the same. Over time here I come.
They posted the jobs as available, now who in their right mind wants them?
Yesterday the manager was begging me, begging me, to stay late. 
Methinks I'm racking up some serious karma right now because I'm saving their collective butts.
And I'm still not allowed to drive a forklift. 
Part of me knows that it's ego talking when I say they can't function without me, but I'm the only one who is operating at 125% capacity.
Normally I don't vent about working in the Clark Kent job, but this week I think I've earned the right to complain about it.

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