Sunday, April 19, 2015

a semi-wasted day

Not all news is good tidings. I don't like to gloss over what happens and at at the same time not depress everyone or bore them to tears. So a mix of good stuff and not-so-good stuff happened this weekend.
We cleaned and put things away so well that we can't find stuff. Saturday morning we were going to get my daughters passport renewed. In order to do that we have to turn in the old one. My wife saw it last two weeks ago when we were making a photocopy of daughter number two's passport. That means we were up until 3:30 in the morning looking for it. Both of us had been up for 22 hours and reluctantly admitted defeat. We will look again all this week and try again for next Saturday. That's the only time the office is open and they only take the first thirty-five applicants. (Update: I found them under a stack of papers.)
The government really doesn't want us going anywhere, do they? Of course there is a completely logical explanation, but it doesn't pass the smell test on why they insist on making things harder for me.
After several successful batches of beer, I finally worked up the nerve to make one from scratch. The recipe I followed had more ingredients and I spent a little more than I wanted to spend, but it was within tolerance. My budget can take an extra five dollar cost, but not all the time.
The process went well right up to the end. I made the mistake of leaving the batch unattended for a few seconds. Unfortunately that's all it took.
A tub of beer. Not as much fun as it sounds.
Silently berating myself, I proceeded to clean up the mess I'd created. No one to blame but myself. 
With a few hours of daylight left, I decided to take my frustrations out by mowing the lawn.
I'm still in a bit of a funk about that. Whenever bad things happen, I try and look for the silver lining. I ask myself if there is anything good coming out of this situation?
I still have a couple of the ingredients. They'll keep until I try this again in a few weeks. The most expensive stuff went down the drain. No way around that. Perhaps I can buy one or two things at a time to spread the cost out. This hobby is teaching me new ways to be patient.
The house smells of freshly baked bread and chocolate. Five loaves of banana bread, six artisan bread, four blueberry lemon pound cakes (come get yours, Kim!), and one tray of fudge brownies for sale. My wife may correct me on the exact amount, but that's what wives are for. Musketeer number two is part way through her fundraising efforts. Last I checked she was $700.00 toward a $1,700 goal. She needs to have the remaining grand by the end of the month. We're getting her to the doctor for her shots for the trip. This is for a church mission trip to Haiti, June 25th through July 4th. If anyone reading this feels they can make a donation towards my daughter's trip, let me know. 

 There is a ranch not too far from my house with this amazing field of bluebonnets. So before they all go away for the year, I pulled over to the side of the road and snapped a few pictures. That is my beat up Dodge in the background and the wagon in front is a direct ancestor of my current mode of transportation.
With all the rain we've been having these last few weeks, it's not surprising that my herb garden has run amok. Does anyone need cilantro or oregano? My rosemary is threatening to become a tree, rather than a shrub. It could use a trim as well. 
My Spurs are playing the Clippers in game 1 of the finals tonight. Some of you may not care for that and that is your right. I keep my peace when friends get excited about hockey/baseball/football season. This is my time to get all fanboy, so I ask the same consideration of you. My other vice, Game of Thrones, is also on tonight. The guy who invented the VCR must have felt the same way. We all owe him a debt of gratitude.

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