Thursday, January 22, 2015

Winter doledrums

There's a phenomenon known as the dog days of summer. Where it's too hot to do anything or get a task done. You wait until it's nightfall and a tad bit cooler to do what needs doing. People hunker down in their shade and air conditioning until the sun goes down.
The equivalent for winter is the doledrums.
The holidays are over. It's too cold to go outside. You clean around inside the house and throw away stuff. The boredom of cabin fever sets in.  If things were a little warmer or if there were a tad more light in our day, we could be doing things. That's why spring and fall are good times for me. I can do work, chores and projects and still get a full nights sleep. 
I'm making lists. Things I need to do. Stuff I need to buy. Bills I need to pay. Right now there is a material list of things I need to buy for my next project. That's part of my problem. Not only do I budget money for what needs to be done, but my time invested as well. When it comes time to buy all the stuff I need, going back to the store for a certain kind of nail or an L bracket, cuts into my time to construct said project. Oh, there will be things I need to run back to the store for, but I'm trying to minimize those.
This coming weekend I will be in my garage, banging things and making Tim Allen noises. The garage door may or may not be open due to weather and lighting conditions. The dust I will kick up during sanding may be too much. We'll see.

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