Thursday, January 15, 2015

Do or do not

Starting off a sentence can be tricky. With the New Year beginning at last, I've made a personal resolution: to avoid starting a sentence with 'I'.
I did this.
I saw that.
I went here.

Boring as hell and makes it look as if I think the world revolves around me. In fact, far from it. My wife is rolling her eyes as she reads this. Yes, I have a superiority complex, but I really try to tone it down. There's a fine line between tooting your own horn and boasting outrageously. It didn't help that I could actually do the stuff people thought I bragged about. Being able to do one thing particularly well doesn't give you a pass on the rest of life.
When I told a friend about my recent beer making exploits, he quipped, 'Is there anything you can't do?'
I smiled and laughed but deep inside I wanted to say, 'Our friendship will last longer if I don't answer that.'

Of the many things I do, not all of them are successful.

I tried making a cinnamon mead back before Christmas. Yesterday it was time to bottle it and have a taste to see where it stood.
It reminded me of the dry mead I made earlier. Flat and a little bitter. No trace of cinnamon. So I ended up pouring it down the drain. As I look over at my latest batch of mead, I can count to 25 between bubbles escaping from the airlock. Technically that's a good sign, but I thought it would be more since I added a second dose of yeast yesterday.
Patience is required while making mead. That's why I'm being extra careful. This part of the process is actually boring, almost like watching golf.
As with all my friends we trade tales of how our weekend events are going. It's fun seeing people try new things or perfect old hobbies. 
Come spring I am going to try and make an effort to attend a Highland game. One of my friends actually trains and competes. So next time I hear when it's going to happen, I'm going out there to cheer him on.
It's one thing to listen to your friends. Going out and supporting them at a caber toss is another.

My pie is about to come out of the oven. Another thing I'm trying to improve upon. Actually I didn't want the pecans to go bad, so into the pie they went. Perhaps I'll freeze the remainder of the uncooked ones.
It's not whether we succeed or fail. True victory is in trying.

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