Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Button up

As I drove home from work this afternoon, I noticed the stop lights swaying as if they were Chinese lanterns. Each time I went through an intersection, I hoped the wires holding the traffic signals would last. At least until I was through the intersection. I am not planning on going out for any reason, not to a high school basketball game, not to the grocery store to get milk or bread. For the next few days we're gonna get icy cold and you know what that means, people will be taking stupid pills and driving like maniacs. Oh, the weekend can't get here fast enough.

In other news, three gunman from a radical group opened fire on a French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo. From what I understand, the magazine is the French equivalent of National Lampoon. Twelve people including a police officer, writers, and cartoonists were killed. Some people are saying it is the work of Isalmists and such. To that I reply, give me proof. A lot of the hate mongers and ammosexuals are quick to point the finger at ISIS and any (all) Islamic groups. Hold that trigger finger, bucko. We don't know who did it, but when we find out who did, we will respond with the strictest measures. Until then, safeties on.
I am so behind this #CharlieHebdo

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