Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools

Some jokes are better than others. A few cross the line between hoax and prank. Others take on a whole new dimension. Here's a few of my favorite ones that I've seen and think they're hysterical.
There's the spaghetti harvest

Too bad I can't post videos here.
I'm going to have to Google this one from Johnny Carson if I can find it.
Oh, I did. Johnny, you are the master prankster.

The Taco Liberty Bell.

Terry Jones and his flying penguins.

There's a lot of stuff I want to show, but I need to find the links. There simply isn't a picture of a left handed whopper or Alabama legislators changing the numerical value of pi.

Why do we like to pull pranks like that? If I had the resources, I'd pull stuff like that more often. I remember doing some pretty funny stuff in the past. Must be an irony deficiency.
Carry on folks.

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