Sunday, February 23, 2014

loosening it's grip

We're now at the point where we have to turn on the air conditioner and use the heater at night. Welcome to Texas trampoline weather. I broke out the fan so we have a breeze flowing through the house. Memo to me: call the air conditioner repairman for a check up. 
Middle child gets her braces off tomorrow. Yeah! She's all grown up and such a pretty girl, it breaks my heart. Which reminds me, March's birthday cards have to be addressed and sent out.
Ah, spring.
There's a general feeling I've noticed when talking to other people. We're losing our fear. People are tired of being afraid. Perhaps I'm putting my own spin on it. The general feeling goes something like this: 'Oh, it's not as bad as all that.'
So things are looking up.
We deal with things as they come, one at a time. Spring cleaning has come to my household. We held a garage sale last month. I'm seriously considering putting a garden in. This week, I'm going to start some zucchini seeds. I'll let you know how it goes.
It's time to make things grow.  

Today was a good day. Spent time with my family. Made them breakfast. I learned my oldest is almost as clever and treacherous as I am when designing an adventure on the computer. I still have problems embedding fonts into a pdf so it can be uploaded to Lulu, an online publisher. See, there's a technical side to writing. It's not all chips and dip. 

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