Monday, February 3, 2014

but seriously

It was the best of weekends, it was the worst of weekends...
Spent time with my dad, which is always a good thing. In watching him, he seems more relaxed. I think that's necessary to stop and look around, rather than rush through things.
My dog got out. He saw a chance and took it. As I chased him down, it occurred to me he was simply playing. It had been at least a week since I walked him, so this was his way of demanding attention. It came to a close when I tackled him and got a busted lip when he head butted me. Haven't had a sock to the jaw lately and this was a reminder of what it would feel like. Ouch.
Our Superbowl party was great. I hope you had a good time at yours. Lot of my friends are Broncos fans. By my reckoning, I know two Denver fans for every Seattle fan. To that I say: Did you see Lawrence Fishborne in that KIA commercial?
What I got out of Sunday evening was I got to spend time with my family. Dad watching the game live rather than on 15 hour delay. Thanks to my sister for hosting and cooking a fabulous dinner. As of this writing, I'm stuffed worse than at Thanksgiving. I don't think I'll need to eat for at least a day.
A new week is upon us, another month to tear into, although it will be a short one.
Our local board game convention will be the first weekend in April. Here's the website.
I'll be running the Robo Rally tournament. It seems that was such a popular event, I'll be bringing it back. Which reminds me... I'll need to sign up and register the event. I want to put out this call to my fellow geeks and game lovers in town to come on down and play. I'll do a full write up in the next post, I promise.  

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