Thursday, March 17, 2016


They say no good deed goes unpunished. Last week I was putting together a basketball hoop for my daughter. The wife and I were feeling pretty confident we'd put this contraption together correctly. I stood it up, checking to see if it would stay upright until I got behind it. There was no movement and it was sort of being held back by an overhanging branch. Turning around, I meant to grab a bag of sand in order to fill it when, WHAM! The board and pole whacked me on the back of the head.
Blood streamed down my face as I struggled not to pass out. The board knocked my implant off and I wasn't sure where everyone was.
My youngest scrambled on the ground searching for my very expensive, easily broken device. Paper towels appeared thanks to my other daughter. My wife had the incredible task of keeping it all together, issue commands, and get that @#$% basket off of me.
Here's what it looked like at the clinic as I was cleaned up and awaiting my CT scan.
Yeah, I know. That bald spot is taking over my head. It's almost time to get rid of the hair completely.
In hindsight I should have called in for the week. Pride and ego got in the way though.
I fell down at the slightest difficulty. Then I noticed I was slurring my words.
That did it. I called in the next day. 
For the past few days I mostly slept. Occasionally the wife would come in and shake me to see if I hadn't slipped into a coma.
Been there, done that. No rush to repeat the experience. The swelling went down and I felt some improvement.
Today nearly wiped me out. I was nowhere near peak form and it took a bit out of me. I think I'm going to lie down. 

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