Saturday, March 26, 2016

Life in the Deaf lane

Those free movie passes were collecting dust on the shelf. Every time the captioning services at the Live Oak Regal Cinemas went belly up, I got free passes. Eventually there were about ten tickets. Yep, the craptioning sucked and no amount of free stuff was going to make them invest in better equipment. I had resigned myself to writing bad yelp reviews and encouraging my friends to avoid going to that theater.
Daughter wants to go on a date? Here are two tickets, kids. Enjoy yourself.
Superman vs. Batman came out this week and my daughters wanted to go, but I remained firm. I was done with the Live Oak cinemas. 'Other theaters would honor those passes,' my daughter said. So we went a little farther to the Northwoods Regal and I did enjoy myself... sort of.
The glasses worked. There were one or two spots that it sort of blanked out, but it corrected itself right away, so no complaints there. Usually I walk out of the movies in throbbing pain. The glasses pinch my nose and no amount of adjusting helps. They also dig into the side of my head, right above my ears. A headache is a small price to pay for being with my family for an afternoon's entertainment if the movie is good.
The movie was merely okay. Not great. If this had come out six or eight months after Man of Steel, it might have been better. This movie appealed to fans and not much else. It barely cleared my threshold of disappointment. It needed more one liners. The plot needed to move quicker. The second act went on far longer than it should have.
The best part of the movie? We got sneak peaks of the other heroes that are not Batman or Superman. I am so stoked about Wonder Woman finally coming to the screen. Why is DC dragging it's heels? These characters are unique and they have a story to tell.

Many nerds consider Aquaman to be the lamest superhero in the DC universe. When I saw the promotional pics of Jason Mamoa my hopes did rise a bit, but wait, it won't be out until 2018? The first Justice League and the Flash in 2018 as well? Cyborg and Green Lantern Corps won't be out till 2020? I hope the execs at DC will realize the actors starring in their films may die of old age before shooting starts. Worse, the audience may die of boredom before the lights dim.

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