Thursday, March 3, 2016

Bluebonnets and Birthdays

They haven't been seen yet, but I know they're around the corner. Those fields of blue causing me to stop and stare in wonder. I've lived in several states and many climates, but none spoke to me in a way those azure pastures do.
Connecticut was always a grey place for me. Florida felt plastic and fake. Pennsylvania had it's moments, but in the end Central Texas struck me with how diverse and amazing it could be. For what seemed like lifetimes I found I could relax and be myself.
There are times where I want to simply get out of whatever box I find myself in. A short drive takes me to some of the best fishing, camping or hiking spots you could ask for. Yes, the heat is high in the summer, but the humidity is low. Hands down nothing beats a day tubing down the river. Nothing.
One Christmas I drove up to meet my wife in Fredricksberg. The drive up into the Hill Country was chilly, but when I came over the hill crest I saw an amazing sight. A village complete with decorations adorning the streets and houses gave the town a warm cozy feeling. It was as if I'd stepped into a Norman Rockwell painting. And yes, it was snowing. Small flurries to make it look picturesque, but not enough to make you worry about getting stranded.
One night not too long ago, I found myself driving down a lonely section of road. Outside of a city, street lights are few and far between. Pulling over, I turned out all the lights in my Dodge and stepped into the bracing night air. Leaning back over the hood of the truck, I gazed up at the milky way. Excess heat from the engine kept me from getting cold, but I could take a few minutes and stare up at the meteors that were predicted to streak across the night sky. I wasn't disappointed.
No city outline on the horizon. No lights from civilization. Taking a few minutes from our busy lives certainly puts things in perspective. 
Long ago the wife and I threw a couple of sleeping bags into the back of my truck and we headed out to snuggle under the canopy of stars. I think it's time I do that again. This time I'll take extra padding and more pillows.
Change is good.
Why am I feeling nostalgic? Musketeer number three turned sixteen today. She asked about her drivers license. Seems like yesterday I was changing her diapers. Daughter number two is graduating high school in a few weeks. Where did the time go?  

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