Sunday, March 6, 2016

More than one use

Most of us like to get the most for their money. What's one of the major considerations when buying a car? 'What does the gas mileage look like? Really, it's often printed up in large numbers on the window sticker.
We make the most of our groceries. The wife and I can cut up a chicken or pork loin and have it go for three or four meals. I've actually passed up tools that I know will only be used once. That's not to say I don't have things gathering dust in my garage. Sad to say I've not had an opportunity to use my router on a project lately.
That may change. 
This morning I corked 14 more bottles of mead. Tomorrow if all goes well, I might be corking another 20 of a different flavor. Why am I mentioning meads when my kids asked me not to?
We're gonna need a bigger rack
I have a plethora of bottles. (I don't get to use that word very often.)
My house is modest in many ways. We have to use every square foot wisely to get the most out of living here. Also we have to do it on a budget. 
Some scrap wood. A few judicious cuts. Screws to hold it all together. The wife doesn't think much of my carpentry skills. Then again her grandfather was a master carpenter, so there's no way I could come close to her expectations. Still, I give it my best shot. Let's me blunt here. I need to store over 125 bottles in a corner space four feet square. Right now I'm over halfway to that number and I have 15 gallons by the desk ready (or nearly ready) to go.
I also don't have enough bottles to do the job. <Sigh> It's a good thing I like a challenge!

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