Saturday, August 15, 2015

Dog days

Some days I like more than others. Tuesdays are my current least favorite days of the week. A lot of really tough things happen on those days, but I get through those days because I have to... and because I don't want the bad stuff to get the better of me. I'm an ornery bastard like that.
We have our scorching August heat here in Texas, but when it rains, all the stops are pulled out and it comes down all at once. No such thing as a gentle sprinkle here in town.
When it rains, it blows

This was a fence reinforced with a frame made with 2x4's and a corrugated tin roof to protect the drums from the elements. It was where we stored and secured the hazardous materials. See those plastic lined drum barrels? Yes, the managers know about it. No, they haven't gotten around to asking me or any of the other grunts to clean it up or fix it. I'm sure they'll ask us on Monday because that's how they operate.
Texas weather is unforgiving. Management is lethargic. Perhaps they're waiting for the insurance claim adjuster or something. This whole thing screams fire hazard to me. Never mind we have enough acid stored inside to melt the store... right underneath things that like to melt and burn.
In the past I've tried not to talk about my Clark Kent job, but I feel we crossed a line somewhere. It's not my call to make, but I would have taken care of this as soon as it was discovered.
There was a rant coming on and I deleted a paragraph or two because it would of broken a rule I made when I started this blog: Keep the personal and negative stuff out. I was about to start calling people out and write stuff that would be used against me. I go in. I work. I go home. Not one inch further. Call me disillusioned and you'd be right.
We all have our disappointments.
In a few weeks time school will begin. I'm officially a band dad doing the fundraising thing. Our very first game is at the end of August and I'm looking forward to it.
Ever the busy sort, my wife has something in the works and if all goes well, I will be flying solo for the month of September. Was that vague enough? Misleading perhaps? Remember the saying, insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. This is us doing something different. We'll know in a few weeks if that is the course we are taking.

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