Sunday, August 30, 2015

A better person

Moving on.
Those words can mean so much and at the same time, nothing at all.
We get on with our lives in one way or another. There are a few major events people refer to as milestones. First baby tooth pulled. Start of college. Moving out of your parents house. Buying your own house. Marriage. Divorce. Grandchildren. The cycle goes on.
I'm looking for a word to describe what happens to me every few weeks. Somewhere in between the big and small things in life.
If marriage is an event and finding a twenty in your winter coat is a happy moment, I'm searching to describe what occurs in between those two.
The euphoric relief you have after accomplishing a daunting task. A sense of pride after repairing a broken appliance.
I feel happy after I've fixed a child's toy, or replaced the disks on the truck, my toy.
With the changing of the seasons, I muck around in the garage for a bit, trying to bring order to chaos. (I'm writing this to put off that particular task.) There's a discard pile that is bigger than my hang on to pile and it must go. My garbage man is going to have a retroactive hernia one day because of me.
Still, I'll feel good when I can look at the bare concrete floor again and not the obstacle course it is now. So this is where my daughters get it. Any burglar breaking into our home would trip and kill himself if he tried to navigate certain rooms in my house. When said robber hits the floor he will be immediately set upon by our dog. He may make it to the hospital to remove Legos from his feet and a fork puncturing his backside, but doctors will note his face will have been licked clean by our faithful companion. 

So there's nothing more to say, fall cleaning has come. I'll be happy when it's over and we're battened down for the winter. 
Today I started my Oktoberfest beer. Hopefully when it's done around 10/10, it will have a pecan flavor and color. So yes, I have a fondness for pecans, caramel, and honey in general. I threw out one full garbage can full of trash, so that's my reward.

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