Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Continuing fallout

I was afraid of this. There have been several suicides, resignations and careers ruined because of the Ashley Madison leak. Even my own city isn't immune to the controversy. Our own Police Captain Micheal Gorhum took his own life after it was discovered his work e-mail was linked to an Ashley Madison account. Here's the link to that article.
Lawsuits have been filed. Lawyers are having a field day. Politicians are resigning or at least backpeddling. Okay, that last one made me smile a little. How can you tell when a politician is lying? His lips move.
But enough of this Puritanical bullshit. Not everyone deserves to be outed like that. When things like this happen, I'm reminded the world isn't black and white. People have reasons for wanting to have a friends with benefits arrangement. In reading the last few articles from one of my favorite columnists, Dan Savage, he explains some of those reasons. Here is where I first found out about people taking their own lives over this.
I'm not apologizing for others or trying to explain situations away. As one of the letter writers points out, a marriage without intimacy is on occasion a reason.
Okay, politicians get off on power. I get that. Having a mistress is a power trip. It certainly feeds the ego. Then there is, 'Oh we sleep in separate beds because our sexual needs are different.' I'm calling bullshit on that one.
If you or your spouse don't love each other, why the fuck are you married? For the children? Get a clue! Kids are way smarter than anyone gives them credit for. Don't hide behind your kids as an excuse for your failings.
People change. Hopefully they learn and grow. The reasons are many and varied. I'm not one to judge on this whole thing. If I'm angry with anyone, it's with this Team Impact group of hackers. They are amputating a limb to treat a sprained ankle. Who appointed them judge and jury?
My day job is taking it's toll on my body. As I sit here and write this my neck and back are loudly complaining for painkillers and alcohol. After I post this I'll do one or the other, I haven't made up my mind yet. I have no trouble getting excited over personal quality time with the wife, but I have a problem staying that way. When I went on vacation during the summer (Not straining and exerting myself.) I had no intimacy problems start to finish. The back muscles and nerves are just about shot from the heavy lifting I do every week.
Go to a chiropractor you say? I did and I really need to continue going, but I can only afford him in small doses. Yes, my hands fall asleep while driving to work and I'm still paying off the last adjustment. Catch 22, to be sure.
My wife has been in pain these last few weeks. A turned rib that makes it almost impossible to use her left arm. We both lay next to one another in pain and barely holding hands. Does this mean we have an excuse to dally around? Hell no! We're a middle age couple in love and our bodies are out of warranty. We do manage to cuddle very carefully. We both have to get to a doctor because deep down we know this is not healthy or how it's supposed to be.
Yes, hypocritical assholes and pray away the gay politicians need to be taken down a peg or two. There is no problem outing Josh Duggar. I feel sorry for his wife, but it looks like the pod people got to her and sapped the self-respect away.
The rest of us normal folks? This is certainly a life changing experience, but not a life ending one.
There are many colors in the world, not merely two. Team Impact and the Right wing nut jobs would be better to remember that.

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