Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The greatest gift

And now for something not so silly.
My friend Nick Sandora heads the Culinary arts program at Lake Minneola High School down in Florida. He put up some photos on a wall of his students who have gone on to greater achievements.
 It may just be getting started, but that wall is going to get awfully crowded. Having his students succeed is the mark of a great teacher. If the measure of a man is by his deeds, then my friend Nick is well on his way to greatness. These students will become business owners or leaders in their community. When they get an award or commendation, they will remember who got them started on the path to greatness. It will go along these lines:
A woman gets up on a stage to thunderous applause. She is handed a shiny award for her work as a business leader. In her acceptance speech she thanks her teacher, Nick Sandora, who gave her the inspiration to become the person she is today. I can think of no higher honor than to be remembered by your students as a great teacher.
I am proud to be your friend Nick. You are awesome!

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