Sunday, September 20, 2015

One of the good secrets

Here is another review of deaf friendly places here in San Antonio. Like the name suggests, The Magnolia Pancake Haus serves breakfast and brunch. The Germanic spelling of the word house... I don't know what is up with that. Perhaps it is the European cooking style of the quiche or the eggs Benedict. Perhaps it's a nod to the decor of the restaurant. In any case, the food is awesome. There isn't a bad thing on the menu. Yelp has some good things to say. There is no wrong choice. When I want to impress someone from out of town, we take them here. Now with a place this good, there is a downside: the wait to get in. It fills up fast. My wife had to drop off her car at the dealership for a repair. Being 8:15 on a Saturday and the restaurant was only a few miles away, we took a chance we could get a seat in a decent time. We did, only 10 minutes, but the line sure got long fast. By 8:45 the wait was almost an hour long. This is one of those places you want to get ready to visit the night before. With that in mind, this is where you want to go. Load up Google map the night before.
Now for my deaf friends: take off your hearing aids. With this many people, there is a lot of noise to deal with. There is a bit of elbow room to sign and the booths are big enough that no one is blocked in. Plus the place has these big windows in front so it's well illuminated. The staff is friendly enough, but you will have to point to the menu and perhaps get a little help from a hearing person. Would you like hash browns? Yes. 
Coffee? Hell, yes!
I can best describe the place as a country tea room. Lots of knick-knacks on the walls in a pleasant tasteful way. It is downright relaxing and a great way to start your day.
Knowing that they have a good thing going, they have an app that gives you the wait time and lets you know when your table is ready called Nowait app. You can type in the restaurant and the rest is history. One less thing to worry about. 
On my Yelp review of the place I made an observation and I'll share it here. I've never understood why people take pictures of their food until I ate at the pancake haus. The meals are works of art. In fact, I was tempted to pull out my iPhone and snap a picture before digging in to my omelet. I can now tell my nieces and nephews I did indeed have green eggs and ham, and I loved it!

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