Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Good for the goose

We often view change with apprehension. A new job. Moving. Raising a family. These are things that can frighten people. At the very least it can be unnerving.
My standing rule on this blog is I don't name people specifically. Today is one of those times I'm sorely tempted to break that rule. It seems the store manager wants to fire me. To that effect I've been given the responsibilities of jobs that few want. The intention was I would get fed up with being miserable and quit. The reality is I can take a lot of crap, especially if my family or my income is on the line. There have been worse jobs, I keep telling myself.
Today I was written up for saying 'good morning' to a co-worker I've known for years. We asked each other how we were doing with the conversation lasting far less than a minute.
Methinks somebody is fishing for a reason to let me go.
Funny, I didn't feel any crosshairs painted to my back. Oh, I'm sure they're there. If I had done something wrong, behaved unprofessionally, then it would be within management's right to get rid of me.
But I've done nothing wrong.
We don't have to like one another, but I expect people to act professionally. Growing up, I've never held out for universal popularity. It's one of those unrealistic expectations. Instead of trying to please everyone, I'm simply trying to be pleasant to people I meet.
Folks will see what they want to see in you. I help strangers. I listen as best I can. I use my manners whenever possible. I try not to judge people unfairly.

So congratulations go out to the management at Lowe's. You will be in my future books. Whenever I need a character to be greedy or short sighted, I will think of you. When a book calls for a villain, I will recall past wrongs, recalling the times they were less than professional, less than decent, to me.
So this is change. Whether I want to change or someone wants to make me change. Am I splitting hairs?

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