Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sorry for not posting. Visitors from out of town and a disagreement with AT&T regarding internet access limited my internet time. As fate would have it, my friend's grandfather got very ill, very quickly. He passed away suddenly and long story short, my friend ended up spending a little more time in San Antonio then he intended. We got to spend a little time together, but events conspired against us. Not that I'm holding any grudges. On the contrary, I'm grateful for the time we had. With careful planning, we managed Cowboy Breakfast and made it out to Kreuz Meat Market in Lockhart, Texas, while still fulfilling his family obligations. My wife and I spent time with our friends. Short, but quality time.
A couple of interesting things happened. They had a mechanical bull set up at the breakfast. As we passed, I couldn't help but notice the man about to ride the bull. Long white Gandolfian beard, this 60ish gentleman handed his walking stick to a friend and proceeded into the bull pen led by an operator. What caught my eye was the red on the cane. The man riding the bull was blind! A mixture of fascination and awe struck me as I saw this guy last the full time on the machine. Torn between saluting his bravery or shaking his hand and hoping some of the greatness would rub off, I settled for applauding his effort. At least that way he knew we were watching.
The second noteworthy item was seeing the look on everyone's face as they bit into their lunch today. Indescribable. I can't believe no one has heard of this place. Let me say it again: Kreuz Meat Market (Pronounced: Kri-its) If you come to Austin or San Antonio, make the trip out to Lockhart. You'll be glad you did. 
By now you noticed that I tend not to drop names. Part of that is I like to afford a little privacy to my friends. On the same token, I try not to call attention to detractors who try to bring me down with insults or condensation. I did mention my wife's name. That's not slander or praising her, or as Lyle Lovitt says: 'that's no lady, she's my wife.' 
The annual cold that sandbagged me for a few days seems to have run it's course through the family. My littlest is rebounding quite nicely and has been fever free for almost 24 hours. 
To all the germs and flu bugs out there, this is my message to you:
Is that the best you can do?

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