Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A good friend is coming for a visit. It just so happens his in-laws live in the same town as I do. There is a rule in my house: No one leaves hungry. Even if the person has a cracker on the way out the door, the rule is met.
'By all means,' I told him. 'Take care of family obligations first. I'm off all weekend and of course, at your disposal.' We agreed on dinner Friday night.
Cooking for my friends is a joy for me. After careful consideration, I'm going with Chicken and dumplings, cheddar biscuits and salad. Perhaps I should pick up a bottle of wine. Better yet, that really fine tequila I discovered.
His wife is graciously allowing some guy time while she visits with the rest of her family. I'm thinking road trip, but maybe not this time. There's plenty to see and do around town. To be fair to my wife, we should go out as a group. I don't want to be selfish. Stuff like this is better when it's shared.

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