Monday, December 31, 2012

So we're in the closing hours of 2012. Yippee! I got off my 'waiting for my ship to come in' phase. Now I'm in the 'swim out to that bugger already.'
Two days before Christmas, I posted Travelers Road to the Kindle e-book site where it currently sells for 1.00. Eight to ten people have bought it so far. (Thanks Mom and Dad.) Seriously though. People who are not related to me bought the book. I'm humbled by their faith in me. Now if I could just figure out to market this damn thing, I'd be all set.
Let me make this clear: I'm not doing it for the money. It's the learning curve. Experience and exposure will make me better. No one is showing me what to do, so I'm just pushing buttons and pulling levers until something moves.The current chair I'm using is a folding chair you'd see at church functions. It's literally a pain in the ass. After sitting for awhile, the shooting pain in my back prevents me from sitting down to write for long periods of time. I don't care, next paycheck I'm getting a decent chair with back lumbar support so I can work.
Putting TR up as an e-book felt right. The book was done. The edits were to my satisfaction. Most of the loopholes closed...
The book needed to move forward. Time to test those network contacts. I know for certain a friend in Norway bought the book and convinced a friend to buy it as well. This is how it starts guys.
Do I know what I'm doing? That should be obvious: I don't have a clue.

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