Sunday, December 23, 2012

Last night I'd had enough. I went to Amazon and the Kindle Direct Publishing. After a bit of wrangling, I managed to upload the book. So if you have an Ipod, Ipad, any flavor of Kindle or what not, you can download it as an e-book. So now what?
Give them a day or two to review it. Let's just call it after Christmas, I don't see anyone doing anything work related this week. Kids are off from school. The wife isn't teaching. My sister is busy cutting hair. I'm doing the hurry up and wait thing at work. Maybe I'll bring cookies with me on Monday.
So I got to get the word out about Travelers Road. Let's see... I'll tell my friends and family, of course. My network of contacts that extend from New Zealand to Norway. If truth be told, I've no idea what I'm doing. Like a game of golf: I look at the course and choose the what I think is the best putter, driver, or wood for the shot depending on wind conditions. In short, I'm guessing. At least it's an estimated guess and not doing anything with this thing I spent several years growing.

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