Monday, December 3, 2012

Pepper is back to wearing a cone of shame. I took him to the vets to get him neutered. That's the right word, but I feel funny saying that. What would be an appropriate description? Snipped? Fixed? Balls removed? When I got him back, the poor pup was stumbling around like he was stoned. (probably was with the surgery.) I'm giving him the pain killers and antibiotic so he stays healthy. Today was the first day I witnessed him jump up properly. Before, he would do his morning stretch and proceed to jump on everything, maybe hump one of my kids legs or something. Now he goes to stretch, the sutures and cut parts of his body are telling him, 'Hey, not a good idea.' Pepper attempted to jump on to his rear legs and I could see him wince. He's trying, but it just isn't happening.

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