Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Some times it's not our fault.
Monday morning the truck that delivers our store supplies took a turn a little too wide and sheared off the headlight of another truck. In all fairness, there was a lot of chaos going on. A technician was on the roof changing our AC filters. I was changing the propane tank on our forklift. An electrician was testing our alarm system. There were two other deliveries going on and the trash compactor was being changed out. So yeah, a lot happening. I heard the crunch tinkle of metal and glass. The electricians truck got gouged by the trailer. I have never wanted a camera phone so badly.
Seriously, I must be the last guy in the state who doesn't own a cell phone. My wife has a Blackberry. Not a week goes by when my kids drop not-so-subtle hints they want a cell phone. The only thing I would use a cell phone for is text messaging... and pictures of acts of stupidity.
Maybe Christmas. My wife may have just gotten a job that will triple our household income. If that happens, then maybe we'll get phones for the girls.
Seriously, why would a deaf guy need a cell phone? Unlimited text messages? Hah! let's test that theory.
I really need my wife to get this job. We didn't make it through last year with her only substituting. Now our expenses are increasing what with one daughter who is of driving age and another not that far behind.
This is life. Am I complaining? Perhaps. I'm trying to make the most out of things.
I submitted my manuscript to Harper Collins publishing. If they like it, great! If they don't, I'm going to stick with my original plan and publish it on Amazon. People who've read it, like it. Total strangers have told me they enjoyed the book. I've gotten e-mails and written letters from people who've read it. Fan mail! I'm flabbergasted. The difference of going with self-publishing and publishing through Harper, is that I'd have to do my own marketing. I've got an idea on where to start. It may not be a good idea, we'll just have to see.

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