Thursday, November 1, 2012

So Carol didn't get the job. Reading the paper I see school administrators are worried about meeting the state mandated test scores while funding for teachers is being cut. The rumor going around is more teachers will get pink slips by the end of the semester.
Hmm... Students are failing the academic standards set by the state, so we will continue to lay off teachers until grades improve. That's the logic here in Texas folks. My family is ready to pack it in and head to where the jobs are. I explained it to my beloved this way: I have a job in a big box store with a side of writing. She has a career. If some one were to call up and say they need a teacher in Alaska, I'd pack everything up and go. Write this house off as a loss and start over. Seriously, if the health department saw this place they'd condemn it. the wiring is bad. No electricity in the garage or kitchen, the heating unit isn't made any more. I've replaced or rebuilt some things, but there's only so much one can do on my limited budget.
This is why getting a book deal would be a good thing. I don't believe we are pre-destined for the ordinary things in our lives. It's the ordinary things in life we have to rise above in order to be great. So I've written this great book that a lot of strangers like. Writing is a second job to me. Treating it as professionally as I can, the hope is I can be successful at it.
I do believe in karma. Let's hope what comes around, goes around.

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