Monday, September 24, 2012

Something to blog about.
Having company over is one of the true joys for me. I enjoy serving big meals. The house gets a bit cleaner knowing company is coming. My wife and I love keeping in touch with all our friends. We even host movie parties. Here's the play-by-play. The grill is fired up. Fajitas, chicken legs, burgers or whatever, is cooking up. Friends come over with drinks and chips. Games are played. The kids play games or climb the tree out back. Then the movies come on.
AMC is a cable channel that has some really cool shows on. So naturally, we combine those two events. Hosting parties capped off with watching The Walking Dead.
Dish network decided to drop AMC from their lineup. I asked them to please reconsider this before I take action. Their response? You can still see your shows on Netflix.
That wasn't what I wanted to hear and certainly not from somebody I'm paying. So, I didn't get mad. I wrote them a nice letter saying their services are no longer required. Not only did they make a mistake, they lost a customer. Further, they lost a customer who can write about it.
So if you like shows like the Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, or Mad Men, all original quality shows in my opinion, then let your wallet do the talking. Ditch Dish and sign up for another provider such as Direct TV or the cable company that provides the programming you wish to see.
I'm glad I did.

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