Sunday, October 23, 2016

You get out what you put in

When I was at the con two weeks back, a friend mentioned I needed to meet some people. Oh hey, networking! I love that. Turns out her friends were in SCA, the Society for Creative Anachronism. The guys who dress up in Renaissance clothes and beat each other up with swords. Yeah, those guys. I've been to a few SCA events. Friends of mine are in it. I've always been circling the fringes of this group for years. A friendly orbit, if you will. I contacted the guy who runs the 'tavern' at the event. No contest, but simply an opportunity to meet other brewers and discuss shop.
The event was a 40th anniversary of the founding of the Barony. Confused? 
Turns out they have different names for groups in regions of the country. The San Antonio/ New Braunfels/ Seguin area is considered the Barony of Bjornsborg to the SCA people.
See, this is fascinating to me. A wide group of people living a different life on weekends. This is a whole subset of humans from different walks of life. (Ranging from biology professor to retiree, I asked.) The thing that struck me most was everyone was so friendly! People were welcoming and social. It also helped that I was giving out samples of the mead bottle I brought. Another item I can put in the win column, I passed out all the cards I brought and nearly talked myself hoarse. Someone also contributed to my fundraiser. This will go towards ingredients for my next batch. I also got advice to try a type of drink called a cyser. Linguists will note that sounds a lot like 'cider', and they are not wrong in drawing the comparison. There is a bit of juice (apple or grape) involved. I'm looking forward to trying this next creation, but first I have to get the ingredients.
I liked meeting these folks, even if I didn't know their real names. 

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