Thursday, October 27, 2016

Early voting

Like a lot of people, I am sick and tired of the three ring circus that calls itself the presidential race. Down here in Texas Early voting began Monday. Many of my friends voted. The local library served as our polling (voting?) center. I'm totally cool with that. the volunteers were kind and helpful. I even shook their hands and thanked them for doing such a great job. The line to get into the library was long. Down the sidewalk and around the corner. This is the biggest turnout I've ever seen, and it's not Election Day yet.  
My daughters were anxious to  vote in their first election. I wanted them to make up their own minds about which candidate to support. In the weeks leading up to today, I received fliers and looked at non-partial websites showing the flaws and strength of each person.
Unfortunately I had to go to places outside the US to get some honest journalism. The BBC had a lot to do with my information gathering. And it's not just the presidential race. I'm concerned with the Senators and the rail road commissioner seats as well. In trying to convey this to my oldest daughters, I got a bit over the top.
Yeah, I told them both to get their lazy butts off the couch and get down there to vote.
Today I got this:

As long as she voted
Think she's pissed at her old man? Well, I don't care. You talk the talk, you better walk the walk. No putting stuff off until the last minute, that's why I got pushy.
Whoever the next president is, they will select the next four of five Supreme Court justices. This will affect how my kids are going to live for the rest of their lives. They know that, but I don't think they understand the depth of what's at stake.
By the way, I voted on the way home from work. Now if I could just turn off the damn ads and commercials. I did my part, now go away.

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