Sunday, May 15, 2016

Oh my

My phone went off while I was looking for a topic to write about. Okay, I was playing Minecraft, but it frees up the memory circuits and allows ideas to enter my mind.
It was my Dad telling me he was on his way over. Normally I use the phone for text only messaging. This was a Face Time call. Do I accept the call? A little unsure of myself, I pressed accept. After all, it was my Dad.
The speakers clicked on and I heard a familiar tone pitch. If I closed my eyes, I wouldn't be able to tell what he was saying by voice alone. But combined with seeing his face, I could read his lips and put the pieces together. I was also aware that my tiny visage was shrouded in darkness. Moving to a more well lit room, the conversation continued. He didn't need to read my lips, but it wouldn't be polite to show just a silhouette. 
After I hung up, it struck me as to how communication has changed. Even more so is how isolated my channels of communication are. Not a day goes by that I'm thankful I live in this day and age. E-mail and text have been my primary means of communication. I would be a hermit if I didn't have the internet. Instead I can wish far off friends happy birthday and share in their triumphs and failures.
We are social creatures and crave the companionship of our fellow man in one form or another. Once I went six hours surrounded by people at work and not once did people talk to me. That happens a lot, but half a work day is the record.
Video calls don't cheapen the human experience, for me it enriches them.

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