Saturday, May 7, 2016

Deja vu all over again

Try as I might, I often pick up stuff from the grocery store that isn't on the list. Today was no exception. I was supposed to get only two items, but I knew we needed coffee. The wife said we needed pasta as well. 'But what kind of pasta?' I wondered.
Knowing what was planned for dinner I made a best guess. Either I was going to get scolded or some form of admonishment from the wife, it was anybody's guess. I sent a text asking for clarification that was never returned. Turns out my youngest was using Mom's phone to talk to a friend of hers. Oh well, I made the effort. I picked up another thing that was on my mind: the latest episode of Star Wars. Later that evening after we finished dinner, I saw the DVD. Finally I could find out what was actually going on in that movie. After the end credits rolled, a lot of questions had been answered. The gaps were filled in. I guess I'm now caught up with the rest of the world.
I'm not going to go over old stuff about my running battles with movie chains, it's too much energy wasted. This whole thing serves to remind me how far the deaf community has come into being part of the mainstream world, and how far we've got to go. Fairly often I feel like a hermit or recluse. I'm a few weeks behind what everyone else is going through.

My wife is invaluable in making appointments and doing stuff over the phone. She set up an appointment with the vet, I took our sixth family member, Pepper, in to get his shot and flea medication.
Often times I have to preface conversations with, 'Could you repeat that please, I'm deaf.'
To which their response is, 'That's all right.' or, 'That's okay'.
Well of course it is. I think they mean well, no one is trying to act like a jerk on purpose. I in turn, must be patient and polite.
Never attribute to malice what can be explained by ignorance.

No one wakes up in the morning and says I want to go outside and kick a puppy into traffic. Instead, it goes more like this: I'm going to walk down the street and Nothing is going to get in my way. Certainly not that little puppy...

It's not evil, it's selfishness. Raising your leg to go over or around that innocent dog (who would more then likely lick your hand if offered. After all, it's only a puppy.) would not be that terrible an inconvenience for you.

I've noticed a common theme among people I know. Their mantra seems to be; 'I've got mine', with the corollary being screw you, get your own.
It's safe to say I don't consider these people friends. Seems a bit odd for me, considering things in my past. I generally give people second chances. A hand up certainly. However I can be a downright dick to you if you are not willing to get off your ass and waste the chance I'm giving you.

Often I have to look at my life situation and weigh the pros and cons. Usually the scale tips to the good. Things are going okay for me and mine. They could be better, but generally things are proceeding apace.  That's my problem: to put it in the vernacular, I'm chomping at the bit. I want to make more, do more. Live better. Provide for my family better. Bad things happen, I get that. I'm ready for the good news now.  The last few hands life has dealt me have been less than I'd hoped for. I need that ace to show up in my hand.

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