Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Spring, sort of

In a little while I'm going to be calling in to work. The cold that I've been trying to shake all week finally caught up to me. Slight fever, can't breathe and I'm coughing up all sorts of nasty stuff. I want to blame it on the weather, but it's actually been on the mild side lately. This is supposed to be my last week of visiting every store in the area, but we're 98% done with that. Getting up before sunrise and getting home after sunset can be considered burning the candles at both ends. I'm sure that factored in health-wise too.
But my biological clock is temporarily(?) set to wake me now so here I am, filling in the blank spaces. More than likely I'll get a nap in today.
Cleaning all those stores made me take a look at my living space. Now that I'm about to have more time to do stuff, I think there's going to be a purge, perhaps a garage sale. A neighbor lent me her power washer and I've started to do the sidewalk/driveway. The difference is astounding. Truly, I was unaware of how dirty the walk was.
Night and day, huh?

So I got started on the driveway last night and kinda, sorta pressure washed the street curb numbers off. They needed to be redone anyway. One project leads to another. Break out the stencils...

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