Sunday, February 14, 2016

Deaf movie review, no spoilers

Come April it will be anniversary number 25 with my gal and main squeeze Carolyn. Seriously, she's the only woman who will put up with me. But that's not what I'm writing about. The girls gave us (mostly) an afternoon off to enjoy Valentines day. So the two of us went and saw Deadpool. We enjoyed the movie. A combination of snark, humor and cartoon violence. Enough about that though, don't take the kids.
Long time readers know I've had a running battle with Regal cinemas and their spotty record at captioning movies. In my book, they're 4 in 10. Even if the captioning worked, the device I had to wear gave me a headache and pinched my nose and temples to the point where I was useless after the movie. For having to endure such torture, I have six or seven free movie passes from them. If anyone wants them, let me know. Gee, go back to a theater that causes you pain and there is a more than 60/40 chance they're going botch things up. No thanks.
So I did the smart thing: voted with my wallet. The wife and I went to the Rialto Santikos theater off of Perrin-Bietel on loop 410. I hope I'm spelling it right, because it's giving spell check a run for it's money.
The listening device had a round puck on one end that went into the armchair cupholder. From there a flexible cable arm snaked out with a box on the end of it. It resembled a desk lamp or one of those viewfinder toys we had as kids. I never wanted to make a Star Trek joke so badly before. It resembled that thing Sulu peered into while steering the Enterprise.
That said, I was able to follow the movie. I positioned the device so it was just below the screen, allowing me to glance up/ glance down. It's a good thing I can read fast.
They served beer. Sure the nachos and draft beer were way overpriced, but come on, it's a movie theater we're talking about. In all honesty, I've seen worse price gouging and the food wasn't bad. Nothing to write home about, mind you, but it didn't come with a free case of salmonella. A plus in my book. 
So, no headache. I enjoyed a movie with my sweetheart. Didn't have to sneak a beer into the theater. There wasn't really a downside to this.
The deaf guy says check it out.

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