Tuesday, March 3, 2015


The other day I got one of those quizzes on Facebook. 'Are you different than you were twenty years ago?'
This from an old high school friend. Knowing the answer to that doesn't excuse you from at least acknowledging the question. After I came home from work, I went online to look for that stupid quiz but couldn't find it. Okay, I didn't look all that hard. I wasn't going to take the quiz. The only type of person who needs to know is me. Everybody else who wishes to take a stroll down memory lane is more than welcome to it... on their own time and their private life. That's what photo albums are for.
My daughter turned 15 today. My mother turned... ahem. My lawyer advises me not to answer that. Despite the legal advice I'm going to say, 29! Good answer!
My wife is also in the middle of a job crises. Not a career crises, but a change of jobs. Despite the anxiety attacks, I think she's got a handle on this. It sounds cliche, but she was let go for a reason, and she walked out of the job with more than she came in with. I can't quite wrap my head around why they throw people away after investing a lot of time and money in training.
People can ask me why I'm still at my job. That's a fair question. The jobs I've interviewed for have been for less pay. I am not taking a pay cut. My current job is a steady 7 to 4 and weekends off. I can not place an importance on what a set schedule allows. Weekends with my family. Planning my life more than two weeks in advance. Let me tell you what my job allows me to do.
I can concentrate on things outside work. I'm wrapping up my book. Not as quickly as I'd like, but progress is being made.
My Clark Kent job is back breaking, not mind breaking. It's easy to ponder a solution for the hero in the story while stocking shelves. Rest easy, I've no plans to stay at this job longer than necessary. Think of it this way; I'm building an offramp. When I get my book published, (not 'if') then I will leave Clark Kent behind and not look back. I remember being unemployed for several years and no thank you. I won't go back to that.
That's what that stupid quiz was really asking. Looking back at my life while friends and acquaintances look on.
No thank you.
To answer the unasked question, of course my I'm not the same person I was 20 years ago. I'm older, heavier (a case can be made for fatter.) and balder.
I still comfortably fit into size 32 jeans. My wife says my butt has sagged and I'd have to agree with her. Occasionally I get compliments from co-workers and friends. The current rumor going around is I'm ten years younger than my actual age. Ran into a friend at the grocery store who remarked, 'Where'd you get them guns?' Yeah, my arms are a bit bigger. Who needs a gym?
Hopefully I've learned something in the last 20 years. My life isn't on hold. I'm advancing and on the constant lookout for a trade up.
I don't need a quiz to tell me that.

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