Sunday, March 15, 2015


When we venture in to new territory, a person is bound to learn things they never knew before. The trick is to keep an open mind, even if it goes against what you learned before. Words will sound strange. New sights to challenge our perception or the way things are. Things will certainly taste different. Considering new possibilities is more important than ever.
A smart man can read a thousand books and think he still has much to learn. Others read one book and believe they know it all. It's hard for a person to allow their core beliefs to be challenged, but in order to grow as a person I believe it must be done.
Pluto started off as a planet. To be considered a planet you had to meet three criteria: You must orbit a sun. Check. You must be spherical, or nearly round. Check. You have to be the biggest thing in your neighborhood or clear out whatever is in your path. That last one is a sticking point.
But wait... Charon, Pluto's moon, was discovered in 1978. More satellites were discovered a few years later. Okay, rewrite those books about the planets. Now hold on... Charon and Pluto sort of orbit each other. Scribble, scribble, scribble. Erase, erase, erase... 
Now there is an argument that Pluto may be regaining the planet status.
This goes to show that nothing is set in stone. Nothing. 
When I took up home brewing as a hobby, I learned to make stuff I thought would taste good. The name of what I was making wasn't that important. Today I learned the mead I bottled yesterday is called Melomel. Mead made with herbs and spices are called Metheglin. Tough to pronounce, I know.
So for the record I have dry mead and Melomel in my overstuffed wine rack. Yeah, I promised a few bottles to friends. I wrote that list down somewhere...
The orange mead and elderberry mead are also considered Melomels. When they're ready some time in the next month or two, I learned a simple trick to keep them from becoming bottle bombs. $1.98 simple. That was what I sometimes refer to as a Homer Simpson moment. (Doh!) This was closer to; 'Oh hey, cool.'
It's how we learn.
There's a contest coming up in June. Right now the only thing ready to go is the prickly pear. The word is still out on the elderberry. I don't think it will have aged enough by the time the contest rolls around. When Mr. Impatient doesn't think there's enough time, then we need to reconsider our options. Yesterday I considered my skill at mead making had progressed to the point where I think I can try something new. I'm pretty sure it has been done before because I read about a recipe a long time ago. There will be some modifications, of course. I've already thought about my next three batches of mead. That doesn't mean they need to be done right away. It means that I'm thinking ahead. This hobby is teaching me to be patient.
And because a picture is worth a thousand words, here is my latest batch entitled; Lady Jane's Time Out.
Not as red as I thought it would be

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