Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Last cold snap of the season

We San Antonians are experiencing an arctic chill today and tomorrow. Lows in the 30's, highs in the 50's. I can hear everyone say, 'That's nothing.'
Well, that's the point. We're not going to hit the freezing mark. In fact, I turned on the AC this last weekend. Yep, if you switch from AC to the heater in one day, you live in Texas.
My lawn mower bit the dust last year and I sort of got away with using the weed trimmer and borrowing a friend's mower. That won't do for this year. Some time soon a new mower will arrive at our stately mansion. Well, new to us. Let me run down my contacts and see what shakes loose.
This last weekend I found a recipe for orange mead. That will go in one of the two smaller jugs.
My next big batch of mead will be have elderberries in it. A good friend of mine dared me to. 
The German wheat with honey will be ready for tasting this coming weekend. I'm going on record that one case will not be touched. I'm sure that 5 or 6 from the second case will be given to friends or myself, but the rest I will be building up my summer stock.
Also I discovered the term for not-on-purpose carbonating the mead: bottle bombing.
You never know if it's going to go off.
So what should I make for my next batch of beer?
Thus far, I know what it shouldn't be.
-No pilsner
-No watery piss yellow color
-No light beer
-Not a stout or bitter
-Not an IPA
I'm willing to go with a light colored ale like the Witbier I made last year.
Perhaps I should try the Scottish Ale again, only this time make it alcoholic.
-No non-alcoholic beers while we're at it.
-Chocolate flavored beer is interesting during the holidays. All the time? not so much.
Dragging my notebook to work with me has sort of yielded results. I've written two chapters that tie up loose ends. What bothers me is that I now have another loose thread with a character who won't be seen until the third book. That's good and bad. I can insert lines throughout the second book to string things along.
Re-numbering chapters, getting a fresh set of eyes to read it and catch the things I missed... my laundry list of things I need to do. One hour a day isn't cutting it. The writing feels choppy and disjointed. I'm only beginning to find some sort of groove when I have to pack it all up and get back to work. 
And writing is work. Make no mistake, the mental focus required for this is daunting. A lot of things are going on that require my attention (and money, let's not forget that.) I'm hoping my vehicle makes it to the weekend where I can get a good look at it. A slow leak in one tire, replacing the thermostat and an oil change that is overdue. All these things I can do, but the world has to stop while I get this done.
Now I'd love to have that little pause button for the world, but that's not going to happen. It means I can't do the other stuff. So while I'm fixing the truck, the book doesn't get done. I can start a batch of mead this weekend before I dive into the grease engine. Speaking of which, I should go out there and have a look at it before heading to work.

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Austin McLendon said...

At least it's over! I'm sitting pretty with the windows open. Such a nice day in San Marcos!